September 2020

Pastor’s Corner

pastor randy flanagan

All of us have missed being together in worship and at the same time we are all thankful for
the ability to continue in worship virtually during these pandemic days. Below you will find the outline for our planned return to worship. This is dependent upon the continued
progress that needs to happen in the control of the coronavirus.

I am thankful for all the people who have made our continued ministry possible during
these days. I continue to pray for them to have strength and hope.

We are still the church, hard at work serving God and others. We will soon be the church
gathered together in worship.

Grace and peace,
Randall F. Flanagan
Contact info for Communion: 304.539.1416 /


A. Communion in small groups during September

•In self identifying groups for prayer, scripture, conversation and sacrament.

•At places you choose including the Lecture Room here at the church

•Appointments made with me beginning the Tuesday after Labor Day.

•Phone calls or emails arranging appointments can be made starting August 31

•I will bring the sealed communion servings

B. Virtual services throughout September

•This will allow the expected bounce to be worked through.


A. First service at October 4 – World
Communion Sunday
at 9:30 a.m. with the safety requirements we had sent out before and will be sent out soon.

B. The 9:30 service will continue through October and November with the hope of starting back to regular service schedule in Advent.

C. This schedule will use the school color code to guide us as to whether we will have face to face services or not.

Throughout all of these days the virtual service will continue as it is – maybe even better.

School supply drive image

Thank You Wesley Church!

A total of $920 was raised for Scott’s Run Settlement House School Supply Drive.

Labor Day image

Wesley Church Office and Building will be closed Monday, September 7, 2020, for Labor Day.

A Note from the Finance Committee

Thank you for your consistent prayers and monetary offerings these past few months. Your generous gifts ensure that Wesley is able to provide ministry in the community and continue to pay our operating expense.
These are definitely difficult times as we continue to travel down an unprecedented path.

Most of the expenses at Wesley and the parsonage are fixed costs including salaries and maintenance contracts. Our apportionment, or fair share payments, go to the United Methodist Conference to support conference administrative and mission needs. Wesley has paid 33% of our fair share apportionments this year. Typically by this time of year we would have paid 70%, so we are behind in these payments.

With the uncertainty of what has been in front of us, Wesley applied for and received a small loan of $40,734 (federal Payroll Protection Program) to help ensure we had the cash necessary to pay salaries throughout the
spring and summer. The intent is to meet the requirements to have this loan forgiven under the program provisions. We believe we have met those requirements and await the forgiveness application process.

Below is a summary of your generous donations and year to date expenses. Basically, the loan has kept us in good financial position, but your continued offerings of prayer and monetary giving are needed to maintain our
financial status. Please continue with your contributions by either mailing in a weekly check to the church, using the auto debit (ACH) option to autopay your weekly contributions, or simply use the online giving option
right from the website at any time. Many easy ways to ensure the ministry at Wesley continues to be strong.

Operating Expenses Year to Date through July

NOTE: The total annual budget is $ 510,401.

Year to Date Operating Expenses$249,634.42Paid 33% of the apportionment’s for 2020
Delayed (UNPAID) apportionment’s
payments Year to Date
$44,072.00Amount to be paid to be caught up to date
Total Expenses through July$293,706.42

Operating Income Year to Date through July

Year to Date Contributions, Reward programs$268,827.76
Payroll Protection Program Loan$40,734.00
Total through July$309,561.76

Please reach out to any of the Finance Committee members if you have any questions.
Thank you,

Ronay Tenney
Finance Committee Chair

praying hands image

Prayer Team at Wesley

We Hope You Will Join us!

THE PRAYER TEAM – women and men who receive prayer requests via email and devote time to praying about them. It is personal choice as to where, how long and when in the day or night a member prays. For more
information, please contact Marianna in the church office – 304.292.9485 /, Helen Ashenfelter –, Edith Vehse –

deep blue kids bible image


All Wesley children entering the 3rd grade for the 2020-2021 school year will be presented a new Bible. Parents should contact the Church Office at 304-292-9485 or email and provide your child’s name by September 13th.


Children’s Sunday School (ages 3 years—5th grade) will start up again on Sunday, September 13, 2020 at 10:00 a.m.

We will meet on Zoom each Sunday morning. We will share in a gathering time and then do some hands-on activities to learn about God.

Our first few “zooms” will include learning about how God gives us courage, strength to start our school year. We will also learn how to show love, patience, and kindness. We will be doing this by painting a puzzle and
putting all these pieces together.

Check in to Wesley’s website for pictures of our puzzles!

If you want your children to be a part of this, please contact Lya Stroupe at, so that all the supplies can be mailed to you.



Join us on the listed dates at 6:00 p.m. Go to Wesley’s website to find more information on upcoming performances:

September 13Todd Burge
October 11Greg Short
November 8Jenny & Nathan Wilson
December 13Shane Masters


KROGER community rewards graphic

Wesley Church collected $316.47 from 42 households from March 1, 2020 thru May 31, 2020. Anyone that would like to participate in this rewards program please contact the Wesley Church Office at 304-292-9485.


The September/October Upper Room daily spiritual reading magazines are available. If you would like a copy mailed to your please email the Church Office at


circle of friends image

Wesley Church would like to thank Joann King for her many years of dedication and service as coordinator of Circle of Friends at Wesley Church. We are excited to welcome our new coordinator Carolyn Hendricks.


Anyone that would like to dedicate Sunday altar flowers in loving memory or in honor of someone special please contact Ann O’Neal, Altar Guild leader, at 304-216-6067.