Our goal is to fill the church. If you are interested in reaching new people-we are always seeking new members on the Team! .Our goal is to fill the church bus with folks who are interested in reaching new people. . We are always seeking new members on the Team! Contact Kerry Lilly for more information.

Our Team is ready to launch some new ways of reaching and inviting people to Wesley Church. Check out our latest ideas:
Encourage Wesley Church family to use the church for birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, showers, meetings with your civic groups, etc. Pastor Randy will be saying more about this.
Our youth will be presenting skits about how not to/how to invite friends to come with them to Wesley
Roger will lead a brief training session on 3/12 after 8:30 & 11am worship services. In preparation for our Wesley encouragement visits as we thank local businesses for their service to our community. Ally Tenney will lead a group of volunteers (yes we need YOU) to bake cookies for those going out to say thank you to pass out.
We continue to have a Welcome Table for Farmers Markets at Wesley
Stop Hunger Now luncheon on 4/2 featuring steel drum music from Joyous Noise
A community wide Sunrise service at Mon Ball Park (in the works)
Wesley Talent Bank. A promotion of folks at Wesley helping other folks with job skills, life skills, etc.
Concerts in the Loft with the Early Mays 3/12 which would be a perfect time for you to invite and bring someone with you at 6pm
Sunday April 2nd at 1pm-, we will be leaving Wesley for Clarksburg on the church bus to attend another How To Reach People workshop with our Coach and other participating churches. You are invited to fill the bus and join with us as we learn How To Reach New People!