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Helen Ashenfelter came to youth today and taught us how to make handmade cards. The cards will be given to the church’s home friends and hopefully we will start to build relationships with them! Thanks for teaching us this new skill Helen! I hinted that the teens should apply their new knowledge to make a card for their moms…

As next week is Memorial Day weekend, I realize many people may be out of town. I intend to have youth, but please let me know if your teens won’t be coming so I can plan accordingly.


Don’t forget the Black Bears game is coming up June 23rd! Please let me know if you are coming by next Sunday so I can order tickets well in advance. So far I have only heard back from one family that is definitely going.


I hope everyone is able to enjoy the beautiful weather today, but hopefully you all have sunscreen!!


The 30 Hour Famine was successful last night. Everyone was a little hangry at times, but we all made it through and I think they really did learn about world hunger 🙂 We raised $630 for World Vision, so thanks to everyone who collected and made donations! I also want to thank Liz Mick for coming and teaching a lesson on Lent and what we hunger for! I love when the teens get to hear from other people and it was a very thought-provoking message!


Next week, we won’t have youth since it is Easter. Enjoy your family time!


There are a couple of events that are going on in the church that you and your kids might want to help with.

  1. Chocolate Lover’s Day takes place downtown on April 27. The church will be handing our chocolate and fliers for VBS. They are asking for people to make buckeyes or chocolate fudge and bring them to the church on Thursday the 25th since they need about 500 items to give away.
  2. The Spring Arts Walk is downtown on May 17th. Anyone from our church who makes any type of arts or crafts is invited to sell their work during this event. We attend this event every year and I have seen everything from spray painted pictures to handmade jewelry to people singing and selling their cds. So any and all art is welcome. Please spread the word to others in the church as we want to bring people in for this event and also give church members a place to showcase their work for free 🙂

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